Several international organizations announced an increase of the terrorist designated Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) crackdown on the Christian minority in Iran in 2021 on charges of religious belief and peaceful doctrinal activity.

The Intelligence Organization of the IRGC, which follows only the direct orders of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has reportedly been ramping up its violence campaign against the Christian minority in Iran.

In their annual report about the Christian minority in Iran, the international bodies stressed that “the IRGC’s growing involvement in suppressing Christian activities, focusing more on online activities in the virtual world and social networks, criminalizing expression or communication with other Christians, and enacting restrictive laws” have been the government’s patterns of behaviour in cracking down on Iranian Christians in 2021.

The annual report on violations of Christian rights in Iran was produced by article 18, along with three international Christian institutions.

They added that 20 convicted Christian converts were still enduring their sentences by the end of last year, of which 18 were in prison, one in exile and another with electronic shackles at home.

According to these institutions, many of these Christians, who faced judicial convictions in Iran last year, “were due to participation in a home church or, in other words, a few Christian converts to pray and read the bible.”

The report emphasizes that the Iranian government has shut down churches in Iran and harasses them by attacking Christian homes and home churches.

Article 18’s annual report and other organizations recall that persecution of Christians continues even after the end of the prison sentence, with some, such as Sasan Khosravi, being denied work and continuing to live in their cities.

Christian converts in Iran have also been forced to leave their homeland under government pressure, despite the harsh conditions of asylum seekers and refugees, according to the report.

Source » iranbriefing