NCRI logoOn Wednesday, February 1, the regime executed Mehdi Rasi in Gohardasht prison, on Tuesday, January 31, executed Ali Allahverdi and Farhang Zakai in Adel Abad prison of Shiraz, and Hassan Javanrudian in Karaj prison and another in Tabriz prison.

On Monday, January 30, four Baluch prisoners named Rasul Safarzaei, Abidullah Safarzaei, Habib Sarani and Behzadi were hanged in Kerman prison and a prisoner named Ismail Kachlanlu in Mako prison.

On Thursday, January 26, two brothers named Reza and Omid Shokri along with another prisoner were hanged in Karaj Central Prison. On Wednesday, January 25, a prisoner named Reza Agha Leh, 56, who was in prison since 8 years ago, was hanged in Qazvin Central Prison and Hamed Heydari in Khalkhal Prison and Mansour Yusef Zehi in Bandar Abbas Prison. On Tuesday, January 24, a prisoner named Omid Azni and two others were hanged in Arak Central Prison.

In the week beginning on January 20, two prisoners named Ahmad Zali Tabar and Omid Ali Kuhi were hanged in Karaj Central Prison.

Thus, since January 20 to date, at least 21 prisoners have been hanged and a total of at least 70 prisoners have been hanged in January.

The Iranian resistance once again calls for effective measures by the international community to save the lives of the prisoners sentenced to death and refer the dossier of the regime’s crimes to the United Nations Security Council and bring to justice the leaders of the regime, especially its Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Ebrahim Raisi and Judicial chief Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’i, and the IRGC Commanders for four decades of crimes against humanity and genocide in an international tribunal.

Source » ncr-iran