Iran Human Rights Monitor has received a report from inside Iran indicating a systematic effort by the Iranian Judiciary to addict detained protesters and young people to narcotic drugs. Hedayat Farzadi, the warden of the Greater Tehran Penitentiary (GTP), and his hirelings carry out the Judiciary’s scheme in this prison.

According to an informed source, hundreds of young protesters arrested during Iran protests in November 2019 have been deliberately imprisoned in GTP wards run by thieves and drug dealers hired by the prison authorities.

The same thing was done to the protesters arrested in 2017 and 2018. They were imprisoned in GTP’s Ward 1 and made addicted by the same persons and authorities.

Vahid Safari, convicted of violent robbery and sale of narcotic drugs, has been picked by Hedayat Farzadi as security guard to watch over prisoners in GTP’s Ward 5.

Young people arrested during the nationwide protests in November 2019 against fuel price hike and in January 2020 for protesting the downing of the Ukrainian passenger flight are imprisoned in Ward 5 of the Greater Tehran Penitentiary.

According to the informed source, Vahid Safari deceives the prisoners and talks them into using drugs. To those who have a hard time tolerating prison conditions, he says if they use drugs it would be easier for them. Safari recommends that they use crack.

Addiction of young protesters who rise up against oppression and injustice is a method systematically used by the Iranian Judiciary through an experienced mafia.

Finding access to all sorts of drugs and hallucinogens is easier than finding a book or a newspaper in the GTP.

A number of political prisoners have written letters and even asked in person to receive books and newspapers, but prison authorities have told them: “The General Department has no quota for the GTP.” Instead, crack, heroin, opium, B2 pills, etc. are found abundantly and inmates use them without having to fear anyone.

Security forces shut down the bathroom and shower complex for several hours so that their customers could use drugs without stress. No closed circuit cameras are installed in this complex and this ward.

Source » iran-hrm