Based on obtained flight data, the Iranian regime is using unconventional air corridors over northern Lebanon not used by normal flights.

The media providing this information is citing Western intelligence sources reporting the Iranian regime has found new paths to provide arms to the Lebanese Hezbollah, a U.S. and EU designated terrorist entity.

The Iranian regime is using methods very similar to the ones its providing for militias in Iraq and the Assad regime in Syria by using passenger planes to smuggle arms and other military equipment to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Two special flights, belonging to the Qeshm Fars Air, from Tehran to the Beirut International Airport, have been registered in the past two months alone.

The first flight, on July 9th, was conducted by a Boeing 747 taking off from an airbase in Tehran and stopping for a shirt period in Damascus International Airport of Syria. This plane then took on a strange route and headed towards Beirut, landing at 4 pm local time. Obtained information indicates this plane used unorthodox routes during its time over Lebanon.

Western intelligence sources say the Iranian regime’s planes are transferring parts for equipment used in manufacturing weapons in arms production workshops launched in Lebanon. U.S. and other western intelligence agency have in the past warned about the Iranian regime’s arms factories in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

The IRGC’s second flight was conducted on August 2nd when QFZ flight 9960 left Tehran International Airport and landed at Beirut International Airport at 5:59 am. In contrast to the previous flight, this plane did not stop at Damascus and was seen in a route in northern Syria.

The Qeshm Fars Air, one of the IRGC-controlled passenger flights and the Quds Force, is using this company to smuggle weapons. This company stopped its flights in 2013 due to mismanagement and relaunched in March 2017.

The company has two Boeing 747 planes and is managed by three IRGC members by the names of Ali Naghi Golparast, Hamidreza Pahlavani and Gholamreza Ghasemi.

U.S. President Donald Trump imposed sanctions on the IRGC and Quds Force back in 2017.

Source » mojahedin