The Iranian Regime has spent decades demonizing dissidents, like the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), in order to make any and all opposition to the regime seem illegitimate.

In our previous piece, we looked at how the regime uses its state-run media, fake social media accounts, and bribed journalists to discredit the MEK, which legitimizes the regime and anti-MEK violence.

The regime showed its true colors during the 1980s Iran-Iraq War, paving the way for the mullahs’ brutal rule, which included a crackdown on the Iranian people and their legitimate opposition, who after the Shah was overthrown wanted freedom and democracy.

In the war, 2 million Iranians were killed or injured, while 50 cities and 3,000 villages were destroyed, causing $1 trillion in damages, according to former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

At first, the MEK joined the war, defending their homeland from the Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein. The regime’s IRGC shot the MEK in the back, but still, the MEK gallantly fought on.

Soon, the war turned and Iraq retreated, announcing that it sought a ceasefire, something the MEK agreed to because a continuing war was not in the best interests of ordinary Iranians. They launched a peace campaign and this really caught the ire of the mullahs.

For years, the regime’s propaganda outlets had wrongly called the MEK “the enemy’s fifth column” and or accused them of “collaboration with the enemy”. How could they do this when the MEK (and the Iranian people) wanted peace and the mullahs wanted war?

Those in the know, we’re always aware of the hypocrisy of the regime accusing the MEK of terrorism when the mullahs were (and still are) the largest state supporter of terrorism. But how could the people know?

After all, the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and its affiliates would carry out attacks, like the bombing of a sacred shrine in Mashhad in northeast Iran and murdering Christian priests, and blames it on the MEK. (It should be noted that the regime admitted responsibility for these crimes and blaming the MEK in the 1990s, following the chain murders of dissidents and the arrest of former MOIS deputy Saeed Imami.)

While ordinary people could reasonably be fooled, international governments, with their own intelligence networks, who put the MEK on terror watch lists should never have been. (Arguably, they weren’t and this was a way to appease the regime.) The MEK was, of course, removed from these lists following lengthy trials that showed no evidence of terrorism by the MEK.

The regime is built on lies and sustained by dishonesty. If they were, to tell the truth, the regime would collapse, which is why the mullahs are experts in deception. The Iranian people know that everything said by regime officials and news outlets is lies. The international community should come to this conclusion too, as this is the only way to implement the necessary solutions to confront this regime.

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