The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ (IRGC) top commanders disclosed information about an “underground ballistic missile factory,” in Iran the state owned news agency ISNA reported.

During their visit to the factory on Thursday February 7, IRGC Commander-in-Chief Mohamad Ali Jafari and Aerospace Force Commander Amir Hajizadeh, displayed an “intelligent surface to Surface ballistic missile” codenamed Dezful to the press.

Jafari said during the visit that IRGC Aerospace Force has started “mass production” of this “intelligent precision missile.”

Jafari nicknamed the missile factory as a “missile manufacturing city,” adding that the factory’s products are Iran’s answer to the “Westerners who believe they can limit our capabilities and long-term ambitions with sanctions.”

In 2016 IRGC also showed selected local reporters an underground missile manufacturing outfit, with deep underground tunnels.

“The Europeans who outrageously talk about limiting our defense capabilities use their own offensive power to attack helpless people in various parts of the world,” adding that “Iran’s defense power is a deterrent that protects our national interests and we will not make any compromise about them, nor we would start any negotiation about the missiles,” Jafari said.

He added: “We are proud to be promoting our defense capabilities without fearing anything.”

Jafari hoped that the “enemies’ threats have encouraged Iran to move towards independence and self-sufficiency in providing its defense needs.”

Explaining that all IRGC missiles are precision devices, Jafari said that IRGC is currently focused on adding to the speed of manufacturing and on mass production of missiles. He said: “Even missiles we manufactured previously are being turned into intelligent missiles capable of attacking all of our enemies, particularly the Zionists [meaning Israeli] targets immediately after they launch an attack.”

Meanwhile, ISNA quoted Amir Hajizadeh, the commander of IRGC’s aerospace force as having said that it will continue developing surface to surface missiles, adding that “Dezful missile is similar to Zulfiqar missile in terms of its dimensions and geometry. Zulfiqar’s has a range of 700 kilometers, but Dezful can reach targets 1000 kilometers away from the launcher.”

He added that Dezful’s destructive power is far more than Zulfiqar, thanks to the type of explosives in its warhead.

“However, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not start any war. But we are not supposed to be surprised by our enemies. That is why we have built this factory in the lower depths of the ground in a confidential place far from the reach of our enemies.”

Referring to Europe’s call for limiting Iran’s missile power, Hajizadeh said: “We do not expect anything from Americans, but Europeans should remember that during our war with Iraq in the 1980s they supported Iraq by giving it weapons. They should be accountable for their support of Saddam Hussain and his crimes against Iran. We do not trust Europeans and they had better not compromise their credibility by supporting Trump.”

Hajizadeh also said that talking about limiting Iran’s missile program would encourage Tehran to expand its deterrent power.

Meanwhile, chief of the Iranian armed forces’ joint staff, General Mohammad Baqeri said in a meeting in Tehran with Iranian ambassadors abroad on Thursday that Iran will not be intimidated by Europe’s calls for limiting Iran’s missile program.

In another development on Thursday, speaking on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Islamic revolution, Ali Abdollahi, Baqeri’s deputy, said that “Iran is among the five countries capable of manufacturing military drones.”

Source » radiofarda