According to latest information obtained by from diplomatic sources, Armenia is planning another military provocation against Azerbaijan. A sabotage group of 30 personnel of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will be involved in its preparation and implementation.A specially trained IRGC subversive group, made up mainly of ethnic Azerbaijanis, is currently in the immediate vicinity of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, in the territory of Syunik Province, where it is carrying out preliminary work together with the intelligence department of the Armenian Defense Ministry and the National Security Service.The head of the task force is an IRGC general, whose name is known to the Azerbaijani government. This man served in Syria for a long time, where he led the development and implementation of local combat operations and subversive and terrorist plans. Azerbaijan has exact information about the commanders of the units and even about some of the members of the IRGC subversive group.

According to information obtained by, the subversive group plans to organize two successive attacks in the direction of Lachin and Gubadli Districts of Azerbaijan. The first attack on one of the posts of the Azerbaijani army will be carried out by a group of military personnel wearing the uniform of the Armenian Armed Forces, with the objective to “eliminate the enemy manpower”.

The second group, dressed as soldiers of the Azerbaijani army, will attack one of the Armenian posts and eliminate all the soldiers there. The video will capture scenes of the killing of Armenian soldiers, as well as speech in the Azerbaijani language.

According to the information available to, in response to these provocations in the territory of Syunik Province of Armenia, additional IRGC units may be brought in to attack the posts and positions of the Azerbaijani army, possibly with the use of Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones.The main goal of the planned sabotage is to collect evidence for the EU mission about another “act of aggression” of Azerbaijan and “atrocities” committed by the Azerbaijani army, as well as to launch another propaganda campaign against Baku in the international community. Furthermore, the planned provocation on the border should provide a legal basis for bringing Iranian armed forces into Armenian territory.

In this context, it is appropriate to recall the statement by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia, who in September 2022 accused Azerbaijan of intending to take control of the Iranian-Armenian border, which was the reason for Iran to conduct military exercises on the border with Azerbaijan.

Facts also prove that 30 Iranians arrived in Karabakh by the Lachin road in the middle of last year and are still there. Subsequent investigations confirmed that they were also associated with the IRGC.

It is important to note that the timing of the armed provocation against Azerbaijan was not chosen at random. Apparently, Armenia and Iran believe that Turkey, who recently faced a horrible earthquake and is now busy dealing with domestic problems, will not be able to properly intervene in the emerging situation. This is why they are trying to use this convenient opportunity to carry out the long-planned military operations against Azerbaijan.

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