The United States, which constructed the canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific seas at the beginning of the 20th century, would be enraged by an Iranian military presence.

Washington has cautioned that it is closely observing Tehran’s operations in the Western hemisphere.

The Panama Canal stated that the waterway must “remain safe and open for the peaceful transit” as long as ships adhere to international safety standards, pay tolls, and do not engage in hostile acts.

This statement was made in reference to a 1977 international treaty that gave control of the canal to Panama and established its neutral status.

“Based on the regulations, the Panama Canal Authority has the duty to authorize the passage of any vessel that satisfies all of these standards,” it declared in a statement.

The arrival of Iranian Navy ships has been reported in local media.

According to the Panamanian daily La Estrella de Panama, Tehran intends to put its warships in the Panama Canal in order to increase its influence in Latin America.

Source » tehrantimes