On Tuesday, Iran unveiled “Eagle 44,” a top seceret underground airbase that was described by state media as the country’s “most important air force bases, with fighters equipped with long-range cruise missiles and built in the depths of earth.”

“Any attack on Iran from our enemies, including Israel, will see a response from our many air force bases including Eagle 44,” Iran’s armed forces’ Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri told state television.

Footage of the base was released, showing F-4 Phantom IIs navigating underground tunnel systems before emerging to a runway. The base is also said to host an array of fighters, bombers, and unmanned aircraft. Attempts were made to obscure the base’s location through the use of horizon blurring. These attempts, however, proved to be pointless.

Within hours, the location of the secret base was revealed by online GEOINTers, pointing out its exact coordinates. Eagle 44 is situated in a mountainside in southern Iran, sitting just northwest Bandar Abbas, a port city along the Strait of Hormuz.

Moral of the story is don’t post videos of your top secret base online, OSINT gremlins will find it.

Source » theatlasnews