Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) agents arrested a teachers’ representative at his home in Iran on February 8.

Mohammad Taqi Fallahi is the secretary of the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association, an independent entity which campaigns for higher salaries, better work conditions and improvement of schools in Iran.

IRGC agents also confiscated some of Fallahi’s personal items during the arrest, including his telephone, computer case and a hard disk.

Agents told his family to remain silent and not talk to any media.

Mr. Fallahi was arrested last May, along with other activist teachers, when they protested outside parliament against low teacher salaries. He was released six days later after posting bail and later received a suspended eight-month prison sentence and ten lashes.

Intelligence agencies and Iran’s hardliner Judiciary have harassed, detained and convicted many activist teachers in recent years. Salaries of school teachers are among one of the lowest for government employees, close to the minimum wage of about $110 a month.

Recently, labor groups petitioned the government to increase the minimum wage, arguing that expenses for food and basic necessities for a family of four is $660 per month.

Teachers have also demanded improvement of school buildings as the government invests little in the upkeep of infrastructure in general. Many school buildings are in dilapidated condition, especially in rural regions.

Source » radiofarda