(Translated to English from “www.gunaz.tv”, published on 26, 2017) – Some news from the arrest of Massoud Mehrdadi, the economic figures behind the Revolutionary Guards in connection with an embezzlement of 13 trillion Toman. He is the renowned brain of the mastermind of the Revolutionary Guards and is one of the most important parts of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Empire. Explaining the crackdown on this emperor’s guard has not yet been approved by the official authorities of the Islamic Republic, but two years ago a detailed investigation of his so-called “economic” activities was carried out by two researchers, summarizing some parts of this report without any interference. Gets The summary of this detailed report is provided by Gonaz Tv.

“The protector of Massoud Mehrdadi, the national code 0048700428, was born in 1337 in Tehran, although he is currently among the most influential people in the mobile, telecommunications, and even banking system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but so far little information has been published about him. , Even when he headed the largest telecommunications companies in the Islamic Republic of Iran, did not interview, except in cases where he was forced to report on the performance of these companies among the reporters.

He received his master’s degree from Imam Hossein University in Tehran, the Corps of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, and is currently said to be a PhD student in system management at the same university.

Massoud Mehrdadi, a member of the board of directors of the IRGC Cooperative Foundation, has almost relied on the chair of the Board of Directors of all the small and large companies owned by the Revolutionary Guards from Bank Ansar to the Telecommunication Company of Iran, in such a way that he was described as “the mastermind of the empire Economic Corps “.

This member of the Revolutionary Guard is simultaneously a member of the board of directors of more than 40 small and large companies operating in a wide range of mobile and telecommunication fields for cultural and petroleum affairs, and in most of them has been the chairman of the board. He knows all over Iran, though these companies have not been registered in Tehran alone, and the company’s footprints can be found in Kish, Andimeshk, Dezful and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

According to the information in the official newspaper of Iran about the registration of companies, including the companies in which Mr. Mehrdady as a member and often chairman of the board is present, it can be companies of the Basij Cooperative Foundation, Maedeh Food Industries, , “Naserin Vahid”, “Bahman Group”, “Development of Tehran Mining Mine”, “Complex of Warfare Housebuilding”, “Development Skyline of Sabrine”, “Green Camp of the Nations”, “Institute of Saving Fund and Borrowing of Hassaneh Ansar al-Mujahedin”, “Capital Iranian Credit Valuation “,” Saman Majed Investment “,” Development of Trust Meteor “,” Negin Khatam Iranians Investment “,” Capital ” Zarayi Treasures of Shayestegan “,” Investment for the Development of Trust “and” Negin Treasure of Iranians “.

Mazda Yadak Companies, Bahrazin Al-Hasan Basijian Institute, Shams Pars Communications, Rayan Image of Pardis, Saman Al-Aameh Co-operative, Mobin Diamond Trade, Fateme Sadegh Charitable Foundation, Soroush Andimeshk Oil Refining “,” Nara Single Campus “,” Bahman Investment “,” System Exposure Investment “,” Campus Health Development Development “,” Giti Gostar Liu “,” Development of Taba Communications “,” Treasury of Pars Trust “,” Saralah Cultural Institute ” Dezful, Negin Andesh Alborz, Soroush Omid, and Telecom of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province and Saman Sazeh Ghadir are also considered companies that Mr. Hrdady in the presence of the Board of Directors.

In addition, Mehrdadi has a strange interest in the island of Kish in southern Iran, with at least three companies, Energy Kaveh Kish, Akma Tavak Kish, and Sabrine Kish on this island, and in all three of them the boss Board of directors.

Massoud Mehrdadi, along with his presence in the IRGC Cooperative Foundation, Ansar Bank, Telecommunication Company and Mobile Communications Co., as well as attendance at dozens of companies and other entities belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, is undoubtedly one of the main figures of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, which has so far succeeded. From the perspective of the media, even the state media in the Islamic Republic.

Cellular First “and” Irancell “are two main mobile phone operators in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Meanwhile, the “companion first” is surrounded by a seemingly private company, with a horde of small and large companies belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, whose only names are different, and often, the names of companies and individuals are repeated in them. . Masoud Mehrdadi, Mohammad Reza Modarres Kitabani, Ali Haji Bagheri and Mozaffar Pourranjban are among them.

Mehrdadi has been appointed by the Board of Trustees of the IRGC Co-operation Foundation for two years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. He currently serves as the “economic successor” to the Foundation.

Mr. Mehrdadi’s name has been raised in one of the most controversial commercial contracts of the Revolutionary Guards. A memorandum of understanding between the municipality of Tehran and the Revolutionary Guards, according to which the Tehran construction projects with the “ceiling of 20 thousand billion USD” were transferred to the Revolutionary Guards for “four years”, which “10 trillion tomans must be paid by the municipality of Tehran as Cash will be paid. “In this agreement, Ansar Bank belonging to the” Cooperatives Foundation “of the IRGC has been designated as” the operating agent “.

The signing of Massoud Mehrdadi, the “economic successor of the IRGC Cooperative Foundation”, is under the umbrella of this memorandum.

In late September 2009, the “Mobin Consortium” consisted of three companies, Mobin Iran Electronics Development, Shahriar Mehestan, and the “Investment Trust Investment Company” (owned by the Executive Committee of the Imam’s Command) in silent news, 51% of the shares Iran Telecommunication Company purchased for the price of 7800 billion USD. In this way, Mr. Mehrdadi was officially listed as “Representative of Shahriyar Mahestan Co.” in the board of directors of the telecommunication company.

Among the members of the board of directors of Iran Telecommunication Company are the names of “Shahriar Mehstan”, “Development of Mobin Trust”, “Electronic Mobin Iran Development”, as well as representatives of the government and brokerage of equity.

Mr. Mehrdady is the chairman of the board of directors of Shahriar Mahestan Investment Company. Shahriar Mehestan is among the companies of the IRGC Cooperative Foundation and owns 8 percent stake in Iran Telecommunication Company. Shshiryar Mehestan is also considered a shareholder of the Trade Bank on the Tehran Stock Exchange.

As a next step, he chose one of the most motivated companies in the Islamic Republic as his next destination, the Mobile Communications Company.

“Mobile Communications Company”, which the people call it the “mobile first” service provider, along with “Irancell” is one of two main mobile phone operators in the Islamic Republic. In November 2010, one year after Mr. Mehrdadi was present at the Iranian Telecom Company, whispers were heard about his move from the board of directors of Iran Telecommunication Company to the board of directors of the Mobile Communications Company of Iran as the successor to Mozaffar Pourranjankur, the former chairman of the board of directors of the company. .

Mr. Mehrdadi’s influence on the board of directors is said to be the main man behind the scenes of the company, in which Mr. Vahid Sadughi, a few years old executive director of the company, is in fact “direct support” and “green light” Mr. Mehrdadi has been taken.

Masoud Mehrdadi But in appearance, as the representative of “Shahriar Mehestan Company” is present in the Board of Directors of Iran Mobile Communications Company. However, in the thousands of companies he is presenting, although Mr. Mehrdadi is the chairman of the board of directors of Shahriar Mahistan Company, he has also appeared on behalf of another company called “Treasure of trust Pars”.

The Treasure of Parsment Trust also previously operated under the name of the “Economic Development Company of Saba”, which changed its name from the winter of 1391 to this new title. However, this is not the end; Mr. Mehrdadi, who is the chairman of the board of trustees of Pars Trust, has also appeared on behalf of another company, Mehr Gostar Yemin Pars (a private joint stock company).

Bar! Mobile Communications Corporation is the most successful telecommunication company in Iran, as well as the stockholders of the Trade Bank in Tehran Stock Exchange.

During the election, the board of directors of the Mobile Communications Company in recent years, he has always been elected chairman of the board of directors of the company.

However, in May of the last year, Mr. Mehrdady decided to reduce his business slightly, and as a result, when the number of mobile communication company board members reduced from 7 to 5, Massoud Mehrdadi, who simultaneously was a member of the board of directors of the company Iran Telecommunication Company and Mobile Communications Company have left the Board of Directors of Telecommunication of Iran and since then only served as chairman of the first board of directors.

Massoud Mehrdadi is also one of the most influential faces of Ansar Bank as the most important arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the country’s banking system.

In late February 2011, the Central Bank of Iran announced the list of authorized directors of this bank for participation in private and public banks, including Mr. Massoud Mehrdadi’s name in Ansar Bank. ”

It should be explained that this report was prepared two years ago by Jonah Najdi and Saeed Ghasminejad, which was summarized by Gonaz TV. Saeed Ghaseminejad is a researcher at the Democracy Defense Foundation in Washington, DC, a Ph.D. instructor and Ph.D. student in City Union, New York. Jonah Najdi is the director of research at the Center for Liberal Studies and a PhD student in political economy.

Source » https://www.gunaz.tv/fa/اخبار/ایرانوجهان-6/همه-چیز-درباره-م-عود-مهردادی-مغز-متفکر-امپراطوری-اقتصادی–پاه-95537