Iran regime’s nuclear program has raised concerns about transparency, as highlighted by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Mariano Grossi.

Speaking at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, Grossi referenced recent remarks by Ali Akbar Salehi, a former leader of Tehran’s nuclear program, suggesting that Iran’s regime possesses all the necessary components for a nuclear weapon.

Grossi emphasized the complexities in the Middle East, including Israel’s conflict with Hamas, adding to the region’s tensions.

Following the collapse of the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran’s regime has increased its nuclear enrichment activities, nearing levels conducive to weapons-grade material.

Despite accumulating enriched uranium, U.S. intelligence agencies and others believe Iran has yet to initiate a weapons program.

Grossi expressed concerns about Iran regime’s lack of transparency regarding its nuclear activities, particularly given recent statements hinting at nuclear capabilities.

Salehi’s comments on Iranian state television further emphasized Iran’s readiness to pursue nuclear weapons, marking a departure from previous denials.

Salehi’s remarks underscore a shift in Iran regime’s stance, which now openly acknowledges its capacity to build atomic weapons.

This rhetoric contrasts with earlier statements, including those from Kamal Kharrazi, an adviser to Iran regime’s Supreme Leader, who affirmed the regime’s capability but disavowed intentions to develop nuclear weapons.

Salehi’s tenure as the head of Iran regime’s Atomic Energy Organization during President Hassan Rouhani’s administration adds weight to his assertions.

The hardening of Iran regime’s position coincides with its support for regional militias like Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthi rebels, whose activities have expanded, including attacks on commercial shipping.

Notably, Iran’s regime released footage of a ballistic missile launch from the Shahid Mahdavi, a container ship converted by the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) into a mobile base.

This development raises concerns about Iran regime’s ability to conceal missile launchers on unconventional platforms, posing additional challenges for regional security.

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