In comments at a conference on Iranian speedboats, held at a university in the southern city of Bushehr on Wednesday, the governor of Bushehr Province hailed local experts for carrying out various military and civilian projects, such as nuclear power plant units.

Ahmad Mohammadizadeh said the domestic forces have embarked on a project to construct two new nuclear power plants in Bushehr, each with an electricity generation capacity of 1,080 megawatts.

He noted that part of the construction of the two new units at the Bushehr nuclear power plant is being performed by the IRGC.

In 2014, the Nuclear Power Production and Development Company of Iran (NPPD) and Russia’s Atomstroiexport signed two contracts to work on parts of the 2nd and 3rd units at the Bushehr power plant.

A total of $10 billion has been allocated for the construction of the two units.

The capacity of the second phase is expected to stand above 1,000 megawatts (MW). The total capacity of the two units of WWER-1,000 (Water-Water Energetic Reactor) will be 2,100 megawatts.

Source » tasnimnews