Political Prisoner Reports on the Devastating Situation in IRGC Prison

In a letter from inside Zabol Central Prison Southeastern Iran, the political prisoner Arjang Davoudi describes prison’s humiliating conditions and how the prisoners are tortured there:

My fellow Iranians!

I’ve been in intelligence’ ward 209 as well as the Revolutionary Guards’ (IRGC) security ward 2-A, put under physical and psychological tortures, interrogated overnight and kept in solitary confinements for months. I’ve been subject to prison guards’ violent behavior in Evin, Rajaee-Shahr and Bandar Abbas Central Prisons. And after enduring close to 14 years of imprisonment in those prisons, it’s now a few months that I’ve been sent to Zabol Central Prison in exile. It goes without saying that I’ve heard, seen and tasted a lot about different types of tortures practiced by Iranian regime’s criminal agents in different prisons across the country, but here in Zabol prison, I saw with my own eyes a type of torture which is quite unique in its kind.

In this type of torture, they first beat and insult the prisoner and then totally shave his head so as to somehow humiliate him. The prisoner is then tightly chained to a column with his arms and legs around it, so that he can be seen by all the prisoners, prison guards and other prison officials and personnel. They keep the prisoner in the same situation for a few days so that he loses consciousness due to pain and suffering caused by contraction in his muscles. Some prisoners even wet themselves in the process.

I personally don’t remember to have seen a wild animal in cage being chained. I wonder how in Zabol Prison, however, which is no less than a cage, the humans are being treated this way, while even animals don’t deserve to be treated like this.

Political Prisoner Arjang Davoudi
Zabol Prison, February 2017

Source: / ncr-iran /

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