Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid Bin Salman marked the 15th anniversary of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Al-Hariri’s assassination, paying his respects via Twitter Sunday.

“He was a reformed national leader who led the march of reconstruction and stability in his homeland,” Prince Khalid said, adding that the Hariri was assassinated by “the Iranian treacherous militia.”

In a second tweet, he wrote that Hariri’s “national project, which aims for stability, prosperity and coexistence, will remain in the face of the sectarian militias that do not believe in the homeland or the dignity of its citizens.”

His comments came after Hariri’s commemoration ceremony Friday, during which former prime minister Saad Al-Hariri took aim at Iran and its regional policies.

“Iran’s cash payments solve one [political] party’s problems, not a country’s,” he said during his speech at the ceremony.

On Valentine’s Day 2005, a truck carrying a massive bomb detonated in front of St. Georges hotel in Beirut, meters away from a convoy carrying Hariri.

The explosion left a crater in the middle of the city, killing the former premier along with 21 others and injuring countless bystanders.

During a ceremony in the Center House of Beirut in the presence of a large number of officials and Future movement supporters, Hariri said, addressing the shadow president: “You wasted half of the president’s mandate in disruption and cancellation wars. You sabotaged the mandate and registered the collapse of the country under your name and the name of the mandate”.

Addressing his supporters, Hariri added: “I am not going anywhere. I am staying in my country and among my people and I will remain in the political work. The Future movement will remain! The free, patriotic, sovereign Lebanese who want a country that benefits them and their children will also remain and no one can scare them”.

Source » saudigazette