The IDF Navy is raising its level of vigilance and alertness in the Red Sea, because of the concern over Iranian aggression against vessels connected to the State of Israel.

In the past year, Iran has increased its presence in the Red Sea by placing military elements on civilian vessels. This issue causes concern in the Israeli security apparatus, but also in other countries for which the Red Sea is a maritime trade axis.
Iran blames Israel for attacks

At the end of January, a drone attack on a weapons factory in the city of Isfahan in Iran took place. The Iranians pointed the blame at Israel as being responsible for the attack and threatened to retaliate against the country. Last week Iran attacked an oil tanker owned by Eyal Ofer, according to a BBC report. According to the report, the ship was attacked by suicide drones in the Persian Gulf; no casualties were reported.

In recent years there have been several mysterious explosions in the naval arena.In 2019, foreign media reported several incidents, during which an Iranian oil tanker on its way to Syria was damaged and transferred to Saudi Arabia for repair. The attack was attributed to Israel at the time.

Two years later, the Israeli-owned tanker “Mercer Street” was attacked in the Sea of Oman.

Source » jpost