According to reports from Iranian regime-controlled media, the National Virtual Space Center has made a decision to deem the use of VPNs as ‘illegal’. This resolution has already been endorsed by the supreme leader of the regime, Ali Khamenei.

Mohammad Amin Aghamiri, the secretary of the National Virtual Space Center, announced on Tuesday, February 20, the implementation of resolution number three from the ninety-sixth session of this council. The session, held on January 9, focused on ‘Examining solutions for increasing domestic traffic and addressing VPN usage’, and its resolution was ratified by Khamenei.

The resolution explicitly prohibits the use of VPNs, unless they possess a valid license. Despite the regime’s longstanding practice of blocking access to numerous websites and applications within Iran, its officials and leaders are known to actively engage on social media platforms using VPNs to bypass filtering. Additionally, some IT officials within the regime profit significantly from the VPN market.

According to the latest resolution, any advertising by legal entities on foreign platforms deemed ‘unauthorized’ is prohibited. The regime’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is mandated to collaborate with state-run broadcasting IRIB, the General Police Command, the Ministry of Economy, and the Judiciary to enforce this resolution and report outcomes to the National Virtual Space Center every three months.

The National Virtual Space Center’s decision to criminalize VPN usage has sparked reactions on social networks among the populace. Some individuals perceive this decision as the regime categorizing approximately 60 million people as criminals. Others draw parallels to the regime’s previous unsuccessful attempts to control satellite dish usage or regulate students’ attire, such as prohibiting the wearing of white socks in schools.

The announcement of VPN illegality for the general public in Iran follows Meta’s recent removal of accounts associated with Khamenei from its platforms, a move welcomed by many Iranian users of virtual networks. Additionally, the X social network permanently blocked the user account of the ‘Mizan’ news agency, which is affiliated with the regime’s judiciary.

Source » irannewsupdate