Brigadier General Rouhollah Nouri, the deputy commander of IRGC Ground Forces, confirmed the completion of the preparation process for deploying the most modern defensive strategies and tactics by the Iranian military. This announcement comes as a testament to the IRGC’s commitment to staying at the forefront of military capabilities.

According to the Iranian media, General Nouri shed light on the noteworthy changes in both combat and defensive strategies. He underscored the importance of adapting capabilities to the dynamic landscape, ensuring actions are consistently executed with precision, knowledge, and intelligence—an essential focus for the IRGC Ground Forces.

General Nouri further emphasized the collaborative efforts involving various elements and forces that contributed to the successful completion of the IRGC Ground Forces’ preparation process. The finalization of this comprehensive readiness chain aligns meticulously with the latest developments and draws insights from experiences gained in various regional conflicts, bringing it to the brink of completion.

This announcement underscores the IRGC’s dedication to maintaining a state of preparedness in the face of evolving geopolitical challenges. As tensions persist in the region, the IRGC Ground Forces’ enhanced capabilities position them as a formidable entity ready to respond effectively to any emerging threats. The successful preparation for modern defensive operations marks a pivotal milestone for the IRGC, showcasing their commitment to safeguarding national security and sovereignty.

Iran has developed an ascendant military industry in the past decades. The country owns different types of precision-guided missiles, modern drones and sophisticated weapons, all domestically produced. It has reportedly also turned into an arms supplier for countries across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Source » tehrantimes