Iranian authorities have arrested Masoud Shekari, the father of a young protester executed in connection with the 2022 uprising.

The Shekari family reportedly said that Shekari “suffers from a mental illness” that has worsened since the execution of his son, Mohsen Shekari, leading to his hospitalization.

Journalist Amirhossein Miresmaeili, citing a family member, said that Masoud Shekari was arrested on the morning of February 27 at his home and taken to an unknown location.

Authorities have yet to disclose the charges against him, the security agency that carried out the arrest, his health condition and his whereabouts.

Shekari was executed in December 2022 for allegedly injuring a member of the paramilitary Basij force.

Relatives of deceased protesters have faced harassment and pressure from the security forces.

The Shekari family has endured repeated harassment, with Masoud Shekari previously complaining about the vandalization of his son’s grave.

Observers believe this strategy aims to silence dissent and intimidate those demanding accountability for protesters’ deaths.

Source » iranwire