Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has opposed any discussion about his sons being considered as potential successors, a member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts has said.

In an interview with ILNA news agency, Mahmoud Mohammadi Iraqi recounted a meeting of the Assembly of Experts in which the possibility of examining the qualifications of “one of the leader’s sons” was raised.

He said Khamenei intervened, arguing that it would fuel speculation about “establishing a hereditary leadership system.”

The Assembly of Experts is a 88-member chamber of theologians that picks the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader, who has the last say on almost every decision in Iran.

The post has been held since 1989 by Khamenei, now 84.

One name frequently mentioned as a potential candidate to succeed him is Mojtaba Khamenei, aged 54 years old.

While he officially holds no political office, the US Treasury Department has said that he maintains close ties with powerful military groups and has been entrusted with certain responsibilities by his father.

Source » iranwire