On February 21, 2020, Ahmad Yazdanipour was arrested by the intelligence department of IRGC in Tehran. One day after his arrest, the security forces searched his house and confiscated his personal belongings such as a computer, books, and his notes. They arrested Mr. Yazdanpour’s daughter, Forouzan Yazdanipour, at her home and her personal belongings were confiscated.

Ms. Yazdanipour is 30-year old and she is a graduate student of “cultural studies” at Tehran University. Mr. Yazdanipour is 61-year old and has lung disease which has concerned his family due to the spread of Coronavirus in prison. He was a political activist in the 1980’s and lost his job after he was threatened by the intelligence department of Dorud. He is a researcher of Qoran and history during the past few years.

A week into their arrest, there is still no more information about their case or their whereabouts.

Source » en-hrana