The Basij are subordinate to and receive their orders from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Supreme Leader of Iran, to whom they are known for their loyalty. Added to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on 6/9/2011, pursuant to Executive Order 13553, The Basij is being designated for being controlled by the IRGC.

The Basij statute stipulates that the militia’s mission is to “create the necessary capabilities in all individuals believing in the Constitution and the goals of the Islamic Republic to defend the country, the regime of the Islamic Republic, and aid people in cases of disasters and unexpected events.”

The Basij is enforcing the hijab, arresting women for violating the dress code, and arresting youths for attending mixed gender parties or being in public with unrelated members of the opposite sex, the Basij are used to spread the state’s ideology, serve as propaganda machine in political campaigns, justify clerical rule, protect politicians, and enforce Islamic morality and rules. They are part of the Islamic Republic’s of Iran’s overall avowed plan to have millions of informers. The Basiji also undermine dissent; for instance, they play a key role in suppressing uprisings and demonstrations.

Here we reveal some of the names of the mercenary Basijis of the hated regime of the Islamic Republic that we have received. Lab Dookhtegan exposed a list of Basij members who cooperate with the Dictatorship Regime to oppress compatriots:

– Hamed Mohebzadeh 2755793211
– Kazem Muslimzadeh Asl 2754166807
– Hamid Beigzadeh Khalaf Lou 1670126765
– Saleh 2751050050
– Mirsjad Tabatabai Kuh-e Kemar 2755322497
– Jafar Mohammadi Hesar 2751139051
– Talib Amkhahi Amin 2750540488
– Gholam Ali Noobharino 2755073268
– Mir Hossein Mir Aghaei 2752434324
– Leila Sohrabi Timurlu 2909812332
– Ebrahim Hassanzadeh 6409535325
– Fatemeh Aghazadeh 2830074793
– Firooz Jafari Kaleh Kheri 2753064415
– Timur Teymourzadeh 2754026398
– Ghanbar Wei 2751385494
– Farhad Hassanzadeh 2820004490
– Rostam Abdollahzadeh Aroojkandi 2751555901
– Arezoo Dadgar 2754434259
– Mirfarzin Yousefi 2742710752
– Majid Sharafi Atash Bek 2754011994
– Reza Ghanizadeh 2755619831
– Saeed Mohebzadeh 2740264682
– Omid Amanzadeh Qara Gheshlaghi 2754343547
– Farhad Rezamand 1288895429
– Rahim Sharafpour 2754310738
– Yousef Ebrahimi Haidarloo 2754949925
– Rasool Mohammadzadeh Chunqralo 2851548816
– Behnam Parvizi Imamzadeh 2750828449
– Sarah Bakshlu Afshar 2740022484
– Ghovan Ali Khanberlou 2919877976
– Faramarz Al-Hayvardi 2751541186
– Solmaz Azizi Hassanabad 2740175256
– Qader Zakiran Sorkhe Gav 1381929621
رسول جانعلی پورجنیزه 2752156022
– Afshar Ahmadi 2740864299
– Hamid Omidkhah 2754456465
– Mohsen Salimi Rikani 2754959971
– Ali Zohreh Qarabagh 6379702709
– Behrooz Khalili 2750774403
– Amir Ghaffari 2751541704
– Mehdi Ramezani 1582871957
– Safia Maleki Sultan Ahmadi 2850383279
– Farzad Mahmoudi Bastakabad 2741470111
– Milan Conway Smoke 2741165017
– Taqi Mirzaei Kaleban 2752521146
– Shiva Qasemzadeh 2753608032

These are from the city of Urmia and are involved in crushing the demonstrators.

Compatriots who have more information send it to us.

Source » Lab Dookhtegan