Admiral Group Shipping Company

Engaged in regional arms export

Status:Risk Alert – Entity in a problematic sector - Sector controlled by the Top Alert entities

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Admiral Group Shipping Company, started its activities in 2012 and it is owned by Ali Shamkhani’s children;

He is a former Commander of the IRGC Naval Force and former Minister of Defense;

Currently, Shamkhani is the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council;

The main directors of the group are Hossein and Hassan Shamkhani;

The company, which has offices in Tehran and Dubai, has been operating in the Persian Gulf region and it is now expanding its activities to the Indian Subcontinent and Far East;

Within five years, the company went from one vessel to nine, using this company, the IRGC has engaged in dispatching arms to Yemen;

After the closure of direct sea routes to Yemen in 2015, arms were subsequently transferred to Yemen through land borders by unloading at docks in Oman;

Some of the arms that were dispatched include AK47 machine guns, RPG rocket launches, explosives, caches and mines;

Also Known As:
Admiral Group

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Military Parts


903B, Sama Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai – UAE

+971 4 3522 151

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» Admiral Group Shipping Company Engaged in Regional Arms Export;