Brutal Attack of Guards on Prisoners in Evin Prison

Political prisoners of Evin prison in a statement condemned the attack of special prison guards on prisoners and called for help for these prisoners while explaining the situation of prisoners and pressures exerted on them.

Part of the statement of political prisoners in Evin Prison is as follows:

“Today Tuesday March 7, prison guards and hired hooligans of judge Abolqasem Salavati attacked Section 4 of Hall 11 several times.

The number of prisoners in Hall 11 is fifty and last Wednesday, a prisoner named Seyyed Iman Mousavi, attempted suicide because of pressures of prison wardens and was immediately taken to hospital.

On Sunday night March 5, another prisoner named Mehdi Sarabi committed suicide due to big pressures and he too was transferred to hospital and after a quick check up was returned to Section 4 of Hall 11.

Twice daily and sometimes at nights, club wielding agents of prison named Bagheri and Mohammadi, the new head of Section 4, and other prison wardens beat prisoners with clubs and shockers and with tear gas so badly that they become bruised and dark.

Today five prisoners by the names of Reza Saki, Afshin Kiani, Seyyed Iman Mousavi, and Mehdi Sarabi were tortured so badly that they urinated blood, and Mohammadi, the Section chief, has beaten their fingers with club so much that their fingers have been broken and their hands and faces are swollen and bloody, and they were not even transferred to the clinic for treatment.

In Section 4 of Hall 11 crimes are being committed that in this month, three people committed suicide and every protest is faced with beating.

We are asking all human rights activists and defenders for help for these prisoners most of whom have been brought to this Hall by the order of Judge Salavati. Every day and most nights in the recent month, we, the political prisoners of Hall 12 have been witnessing the sounds of torture of these prisoners and can not tolerate to hear this much suffering of our fellow countrymen in the prison. We desperately ask for help for these prisoners because they are deprived of the least even medieval rights.”

Source: / ncr-iran /

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