German Chancellor’s presence in organization controlled by the Iranian Regime

The German Shiite Federation’s Fifth Party Feast was held last week in Berlin, the capital of this European country, which featured personalities, German politicians, and representatives of various religions and religions, according to Aysan News Agency .

This year’s special guest, “Sigmar Gabriel”, was the Chancellor’s Deputy. For the first time, he also had congratulated the Shiites as a senior German politician for the first time in an official message to Imam Hussein (AS).

According to the report, the German Shiite Federation (IGS) was established in 2009 and is headed by Hojatoleslam Mahmood Khalilzadeh. The main center of the federation is now in Berlin and Frankfurt and has a clerical council headed by Ayatollah Reza Ramezani, head of the Islamic Center of Hamburg, since its inception.

The IGS is the largest German Shiite Federation with 500,000 members, with 152 mosques and centers, and is composed of Turkic, Afghan, Lebanese, Bahraini, Iranian, Iraqi, Pakistani and nationalities.

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Source » farsnews

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