A student gathering at Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran turned violent after the student Bassij attacked student protesters. The gathering was held on Sunday March 11 in protest to heavy sentences issued for detained students during the recent unrest in December\January.

According to reports, Bassij forces brandishing death to Israel flags, attacked and beat students… The protesters were demanding the release of detained students Parisa Rafiei, Marzieh Amiri and Zahra Ahmadi and the dismissal of the unjust sentences for student activists including for Leila Hosseinzadeh, Sina Rabiei, and Mohsen Haghshenas.

Activists posted videos showing Basij members attack the students who were chanting against the judicial authorities demanding the release of the students who were sentenced to nine years in prison on Saturday.

Fars news agency said it was students who belong to the Basij that confronted the protestors who raised anti-regime slogans.

The videos posted on social media showed the students being violently confronted by these Basij members.

Source » iran-hrm