An Iranian Christian may be expelled from Turkey, which would leave him to face a prison term in Iran for his Christian activities.

If Mojtaba Keshavarz Ahmadi is made to return to Iran, a 3-year prison sentence awaits him for allegedly “carrying out propaganda activities against the holy regime of the Islamic Republic” (of Iran), reports Morning Star News. That charge is related to his Christian activities while in Iran.

Although Ahmadi has been in Turkey more than a decade and has applied for refugee status, he has yet to be given protection as a refugee, states Morning Star, quoting the advocacy group Article 18. Those seeking United Nations refugee status in Turkey are assigned a city and are required to reside there. Ahmadi’s assigned city was Duzce.

He was arrested Jan. 29 for supposedly leaving Duzce without permission from the Turkish government.

According to Article 18, this is part of Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan’s crackdown on expatriate Christians.

Ahmadi was taken to a detention center near Ayvacik, Turkey, and was still being held as of Feb. 23.

Turkey is No. 50 on Open Doors’ 2024 World Watch List of places most difficult to be a Christian. Iran ranks No. 9.

Source » thealabamabaptist