Resounding in Spain: the League reportedly signed an endorsement deal from 2017 to 2020 with the tech company Iranian Mtn Irancell worth 770 thousand euros, a company targeted by the Department of the Treasury of the United States and from Born for its ties to the regime Ayatollah. According to the Spanish newspaper ‘Ok Diario’, both the Atlantic Pact and the USA they are convinced that Irancell has a direct link with the IRGC terrorist group (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps), better known as ‘the moral police of the Ayatollahs’. In addition, this organization and its leaders appear on the list of terrorists targeted by United Statesof the Bahrain and ofSaudi Arabia.

Irancell, the USA, La Liga

The Department of the Treasury of the United States been investigating for several years movements of Irancellwith the suspicion that it is one of the companies used by Tehran to buy goods abroad, thus bypassing any controls. The US administration therefore tries to prevent organizations with dark purposes such as the purchase of weapons or future terrorist attacks from being paid with money by the West. In this framework the League had signed the sponsorship agreement with the Iranian company a Madrid on December 12, 2017 with Javier Gomez Molina, corporate general manager of La Liga e Adolfo Bara Negro, director of sales and marketing of the same league. The document then acknowledged Iranll Telecommunications Services Iranll (PJSC) as regional partner. In return, the League has become a football content provider for this operator.

La Liga, exponential growth with Irancell

According to the Iberian newspaper ‘Ok Diario’, the Spanish soccer league has seen the collaboration with the Iranian regime grow exponentially after having charged respectively 130 thousand, 260 thousand and 380 thousand euros for those agreements, the last renewal of which was for the 2019-2020 season. However, the transactions have escaped the surveillance of the United States that they had banned, under penalty of significant sanctions, unjustified economic transactions with Iranian companies so that Irancell had been included in the list of companies with which it was forbidden to sign commercial agreements.
The clause of the contract

The focal point of the contract between the League And Irancell and the clause 10: “La Liga declares that it is aware of the current sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran as of the date of this agreement by international organizations and several governments which will not be considered a matter of force majeure.” Then the clarification: “In any case, any changes related to the sanctions imposed on Iran that may cause a negative impact on the reputation of La Liga will be considered a matter of force majeure and the League may terminate this agreement, pursuant to Article 15”. Some sweeks after the signing of this initial agreement, Iran will experience days of maximum violence with thousands of deaths and arrests due to internal protests. La Liga, on the other hand, far from striking a deal that put his reputation in doubt, he has extended And improved between 2018 he was born in 2019.

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