Reports indicate the Revolutionary Guards and state police in Iran arrested 120 people at a night party in east Tehran.

“A number of young men and women were arrested in an operation carried out in cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office,” said Heydar Fattahi, the public prosecutor of Pardis on Wednesday.

“These are considered cultural crimes. Young men and women who don’t have any relations with others of the opposite sex, being in specific areas until late into the night, and disturbing the localS’ peace,” he added.

“Invitations were sent out through social media,” Fattahi continued, adding such “night parties” are “cultural attacks staged by the enemy through social media.”

During the past few months state police have reported to be inspecting orchards and other areas in search of such mixed-gender parties considered forbidden by the reactionary mullahs’ regime.

There have also been an increasing number of arrests in various provinces on charges of taking part in “mixed-gender night parties.”

35 college students in Ghazvin, west of Tehran, were lashed last June for taking part in “missed-gender night parties.” These measures were met with numerous protests and criticism in Iran, and yet the mullahs’ public prosecutor, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei, said this ruling was completely “legal”, adding “evidence and documents” are available showing “a specific current directing” such parties.

Source: / ncr-iran/