Germany’s Robert Bosch Foundation seeking partners in Iran

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(March 5, 2017) – “It’s a research trip so we want to learn more about opportunities in Iran. Because of the sanctions we don’t know too much about it, but we see huge potential and after the trip we will try to make plan for the further cooperation”, Rogall, who visited Iran last week on top of a delegation, explained about their major purpose of visiting.

“I’m happy to be here and we will make the best out of it. This delegation is supporting cooperation in science, education and healthcare and that is the main focus”, he added.

“We don’t know too much about the situation here so the trip is a research trip and we just learned and what we learned from Iran will give us the idea for complete activities” he also mentioned.

Established in 1964, Robert Bosch Foundation, a charitable institution, is one of the leading private foundations of Europe that is known for its promotion of natural and social sciences, including public health and science, education, society and culture, and international relations.


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