CMS Cepcor

After check and confirm with CMS Cepcor we concluded that CMS Cepcor stopped working with Iranian regime entities.

After contact with CMS Cepcor, CMS Cepcor claim that they stop any connection and collaboration with Iranian regime entities (Bahan Gostar).

Yet some of Iranian regime entities still try to show on various way (websites and etc.) that they still cooperate with companies who rejected them. Does Iranian regime propaganda try to damage those companies and attract other world companies?

Bahan Gostar keeps CMS Cepcor as their partner even after CMS Cepcor request their removal from Bahan Gostar official website.

Bahan Gostar involved in sector controlled by IRGC

Past Data

Past Connection with:
Bahan Gostar

Risk Alert – Entity in a problematic sector – Sector controlled by the Top Alert entities

Cepcor Limited is Europe’s largest aftermarket manufacturer and supplier of premium quality crusher, screen and asphalt plant spare parts and service supplying worldwide to the mining, quarrying, demolition and recycling industries;

According to Iranian Company Bahan Gostar Engineering Services official website, CMS Cepcor is business partner with Iranian Company Bahan Gostar Engineering Services Company. Bahan Gostar Engineering Services Company is working in oil and gas sector in Iran. Oil and Gas Industry is controlled by the Iranian Regime and IRGC;

Despite U.S. sanctions on Iran regime for sponsoring terrorist organizations, building weapon of mass destruction, working on production of new ballistic missiles and threats to destroy other countries, CMS Cepcor from United Kingdom continues to work in Iran;

Also Known As:
Cepcor Limited

United Kingdom

1 Vulcan Way Coalville Leicestershire LE67 3AP United Kingdom

44 (0) 1530 817000



Reason for the color:
» Bahan Gostar involved in sector controlled by IRGC;

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