Muhammad Ali Al-Husseini, a Shi’ite cleric, called last week for Lebanon to revoke Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s citizenship over his ties to Iran.

Shiite Lebanese Scholar Muhammad Ali Al-Husseini Calls to Revoke Nasrallah’s Citizenship
— MEMRI (@MEMRIReports) March 18, 2018

“Just like the proper action taken by Bahrain, when it revoked the citizenship of Iran’s collaborators who were involved in tarnishing the image of Bahrain, I call upon the State of Lebanon to revoke the citizenship of Hassan Nasrallah,” he said in an interview with Saudi-owned TV channel Al Arabiya, translated by MEMRI.

“[Nasrallah’s] declarations have harmed the Lebanese state, constitution, and law. This is clear collaboration of a Lebanese citizen with a foreign country,” he emphasized.

Al-Husseini’s remarks came in response to a report by the Iranian Farda News website in which Nasrallah allegedly said Iran’s Rule of Jurisprudent – giving Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei supreme political power – was above the Lebanese constitution. The report was later denied by Hezbollah’s media office, according to MEMRI.

Head of the Arab Islamic Council in Lebanon and a regular critic of Iran’s regime, Al-Husseini, warned that “what is happening today in our nation is that Persian Iran is genuinely endeavoring to shatter our Arab nation to smithereens. Iran wants to divide and infiltrate our nation.

“We started to have a problem in Lebanon when Iran founded Hezbollah, making it and its members guns for hire, fighting here and there in Lebanon, making threats against the UAE, Kuwait, and Yemen, and striking in Saudi Arabia.”

Hezbollah is backed by Iran and receives large amounts of military aid from the Islamic republic. The terror group is a crucial part of Iran’s ‘axis of resistance’ against Israel.

Israel has been concerned about Iranian influence in the region for some time. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the Munich conference on February 18 that Iran was trying to change the status quo through nefarious moves in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. He emphasized that Israel will act not just against Iran’s proxies, but against Iran itself.

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