The IRGC published an explanatory memo “Why Iran should intervene in the war in the Caucasus” for their people. Here is a translation of this memo:

Based on intelligence. data, Baku intends to launch a military-economic corridor for itself and its allies with the conquest of the Syunik region in Armenia, but why should Iran enter this war?

If the Syunik region is occupied, the land connection between Iran, Russia, and Europe will be practically destroyed, and because of Aliyev’s game in Israel, economic blows will fall on Iran.

In a way, Baku is the main base for the separatist groups, which, if they get power in the Caucasus, sooner or later, will start a war against Iran with ridiculous claims.

In addition, the role of Baku in the killings and sabotage committed by Israel against Iran is obvious and the [political] rise of Baku will actually lead to an increase in killings and plots.

Baku in recent years has become the main Asian ally of Israel, which actually uses the infrastructure of Azerbaijan against the Iranian people and if Syunik is captured, Iran will definitely have to witness the presence of the Zionists on its border.

Source » cybershafarat