In the past week, at least four people, including three women and two minors, committed suicide in western, northeastern, and southwestern Iran.

Southwest Iran

A 20-year-old woman in Boyer-Ahmad County, southwestern Iran, killed herself on March 18 because she was being forced to marry her cousin. Once she was alone at home, she killed herself with a hunting rifle. According to the Human Rights News Agency, she was identified as Sahar Fakheri.

Western Iran

In Sanandaj western Iran, a woman set herself on fire due to family feuds on March 25. The woman, identified as Gellawij Gholami, passed away due to the severity of her burns before reaching the hospital.

In another case in western Iran, a 17-year-old boy hanged himself in Kurdistan on March 23. According to a report by a Kurd website, he was identified as Reza Marabi.
Northeastern Iran

A 15-year-old girl who was recently married committed suicide by taking rice tablets, a kind of pesticide, according to the state-run ISNA News Agency. She was from Taybad, northeastern Iran.

Child marriages have dire consequences for child brides including depression, child pregnancy, death from childbirth, and sometimes suicide in addition to divorce and lack of education.

Suicides in Iran

A major factor leading to suicides in Iran is severe economic pressure and poverty, and in the case of women, forced or child marriages. Many prisoners in Iran have also tried several times to commit suicide.

In February, Dishmok District in southwestern city was dubbed “city of suicides and self-immolation” following reports of 60 suicide attempts in the past 4 years. From these figures, 35 suicides led to the victims’ deaths. In November 2019, an Iranian sociologist said that officials refrained from announcing the high rate of suicides among residents of the western province of Ilam. Salar Kasraie said that women in the province had turned to committing suicide with pills and poison instead of self-immolations in a meeting on women’s issue in Ilam. The sociologist said that statistics showed that from 1982 to 2005, suicide rates in Iran had increased fourfold while women’s suicides had increased twofold.

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