Tunisia Condemned Iran Regime for Its Scheme to Destabilize Bahrain

As the Bahraini authorities arrested the group planning to launch terrorist operations in the country, Tunisia strongly condemned all measures leading to destabilizing and insecurity in Bahrain.

In a statement, Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed solidarity with Bahrain.

Bahraini Ministry of Interior on Sunday, March 26th in a statement announced that those planning to undertake terrorist operations have been arrested. According to the Sky News, the terrorists wanted to assassinate Senior Bahraini Officials. The Ministry of Interior stipulated that some of these terrorists have been trained by the IRGC.

The statement released by the Bahraini Ministry of Interior reads:”these terrorists were involved in the operation of which the police bus exploded at the end of last February. They have been also involved in other terrorist crimes. Those arrested confessed to undertaking terrorist operations in which some senior officials and security forces were targeted.

The statement pointed out that those arrested numbered 14. Some of them have been trained in the headquarters supervised by the IRGC, and the rest are trained by domestic forces. The teaching activities include the use of weapons, explosives, as well as reaching and observing the target.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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