The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, discussed the Syrian conflict on Tuesday, as he prepares to participate in the 5th Brussels Conference on the future of Syria.

In comments reported by the Saudi Press Agency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs slammed Iran’s presence in Syria, stressing that the Kingdom rejects the Islamic Republic’s interference in the conflict.

He further demanded that all Iranian forces and their allied militias leave Syria and end their “sectarian project” in the Middle East.

He then turned his attention to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, which he said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fully rejects, as he called for the punishment of all those who committed war crimes.

“The Kingdom stresses its position on rejecting the use of chemical weapons against civilians, and supports all international measures to prevent their reuse and punish all perpetrators of war crimes,” he added.

Source » almasdarnews