One thing that stands out these days is the Iranian regime’s endless lies about confronting the coronavirus.

In Iranian society, it is no longer hidden from anyone that the outbreak of the coronavirus was met with lies from the authorities. But now we can call it a crime against humanity, while many people are dying in Iran the regime is continuing to lie.

The regime’s president started his lies on 25 February when he said, “from Saturday [29 February] all procedures will be normal.” The Saturday which he referred to has not been reached even after one month and the situation is going to worse.

Ali Rabi’i, the spokesman for the Rouhani’s government, said on 30 March 2020, “If it were said that everything would go back to normal, back to the normal situation, decision-making that only the Corona National Headquarters can make.”

Rouhani expressed the second lie on 18 March 2020 he said: “On 19 February, we found out that coronavirus had arrived. We have been transparent and honest with the people.”

Meanwhile, the documents of the Emergency Situations Organization released show that a significant number of patients infected with the coronavirus had been hospitalized in Tehran and some patients had been transferred to Khomeini, Yaft Abad, and Masih Daneshvari hospitals.

He expressed the third lie when he said: “The situation will change by 1 April if people do not travel and take care for 10-15 days.” Noteworthy that he has repeatedly stated that “we will not quarantine the country.”

His next lie came on 23 March 2020. He said: “Our situation is better than other countries, even advanced, in terms of providing the essentials, health, hospital beds, and resorts.”

At that time one of the regime’s parliament members (Shiran Khorasani) revealed that “The patient refers (to the hospital) they tell him you’re not sick and go back home … The foreign name for the disease is” coronavirus “. Inside (the country) it is called “acute respiratory disease”. For example, in Khorasan, 400 people died from acute respiratory illness and 50 people died because of the coronavirus!”

Meanwhile, the local medical authorities in various regions of the country announced on 23 March 2020 that, “the capacity of hospitals has been filled and hospitals are not accepting new patients and even discharging critically ill patients.”

On 25 March, Rouhani expressed his next lie, “There is no shortage of hospital beds to doctors and nurses, etc.”

And he repeated it on 26 March while saying, “There are 20,000 empty hospital beds in the country … I don’t think any country (in terms of hospital beds) will have the conditions of Iran.”

And he continued whit his unbelievable lies and said on 28 March, “Thank God we are not one of those countries where our patients are falling on the sidewalk and hospital’s grass. We are not one of those countries where the corpses of dead people were many and bring refrigerated trucks.”

But the videos on social media about the situation in Iran show exactly the opposite of what he has been saying.

And about the cost of the patients infected with the coronavirus, he said, “90 percent of the cost of the coronavirus people are paid by the government.”

Meanwhile, Kianoush Jahanpour, spokesman for the health ministry, said in a video conference on 24 April, in response to a question about the cost of treating coronavirus patients. “The tariff is clear … the services, drugs, and equipment used for coronavirus patients are no different from other patients.”

Rouhani’s lies did not end there and continued, “We have allocated 100 trillion tomans to fight the coronavirus… The government has been able to provide 100 trillion tomans as a grant and… to provide to the people who have problems, of course, is more than that.”

The 100 trillion tomans, using the government’s exchange rate, amount to more than $24 billion. Now, with these figures how is it possible that the regime’s foreign minister Zarif pleads to get a $5 billion loan from the IMF?

And finally, Rouhani claimed on 29 March that, “In some provinces, we passed the peak and are now on the slope.” Amazing that the website related with him, quoted a group of experts who met with him and wrote: “It is still too early to tell what stage we are in and whether we have reached the peak of the disease or are on the way to stabilize or not … we have to wait until the Norouz trippers return.”

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