Iran’s Ministry of Interior has recently announced that they have founded the “Committee of the Observatory of General dissatisfaction,” otherwise known as the “Observation Committee”.

It raised the question of what exactly is this “observation committee” and why a country needs something like this?

The anti-government protests of November 2019 were a qualitative point about the subject of protests against the regime since its foundation in 1979.

Even though now this situation has calmed down because of the aggressive repression and killing by the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and because of the situation that the coronavirus pandemic has imposed on the people but analyzing the situation in Iran show us clearly that in no way the anger and hatred of the people against this regime is not calmed down and the people are using any situation to confront this regime.

For example, after the regime’s agreement with China, which in the eyes of most of the people is a country selling and treacherously agreement, the people have confronted the regime, accepted the risk of their lives but protested.

The reason for this situation of course is very simple, the Iranian government has not responded to any of the demands of the Iranian citizen, including economic, social, political, cultural, etc., and cannot respond. This was a strong argument to ensure the continuation of the protests, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Now the public vaccination in the world, and the perspective of overcoming the pandemic seems to be clearer, even though Iran’s regime, unlike other countries in the world, has not stepped up to a public vaccination, but the global coronavirus control and the high percentage of the disease, will lead finally to herd immunity, and it will lead Iran to the end of the pandemic, although with abundant mortality.

With the end of the pandemic, the unsolved problems of the Iranian citizens will rise again in the form of protests with a new quantity and quality. This fact is raising the fears and concerns of Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and his regime had looked at the coronavirus pandemic as a blessing.

So, this regime was forced to find a solution for the situation facing it in the upcoming days and month, because after the global control of the virus, the naked repression, such as what we witnessed in the protests of November 2019, which of course, was a very costly solution for the government, because in the absence of a right resolution for the issues of the people, protests will be opened as a tremendous wave.

Now, when the end of coronavirus has a bright outlook, when the people’s problems remain in place, the government is forced to establish the “observation committee” and in explaining its reason, Hossein Zolfaghari, Security Deputy of the Ministry of Interior, which announces the news of about this committee, said, “According to the issue of economic problems and coronavirus, and the collection of interior and foreign threats, the security of the country” [I.e. the security of the regime] is more important than ever.”

But it seems that it is too late for the formation of this committee, this solution would be working for the rule only at a time when the popular demands would not change from economic aspect to political aspect, which means the negation of the entire rule. The slogan, “Death to Khamenei” is a qualitative milestone of the protests, which shows the situation in Iran and the regime’s bleak future.

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