Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman in response to criticism by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has attacked American diplomats, saying they engage in “the business of coups, arming terrorists, fueling sectarian violence”, and other illegal acts.

Pompeo on April 2 had tweeted that Iranian diplomats engage in assassination of dissidents, following reports that Iranian diplomats in Turkey were involved in the killing of a dissident last year.

Reuters reported on March 28 that two Iranian diplomats in Turkey were involved in the killing of Masoud Molavi Vardanjani, who is said to have worked for entities connected with Iranian intelligence and then threatened to expose secrets related to corruption.

The spokesman, Abbas Mousavi on April 4 fired two tweets calling Mr. Pompeo Mr_CIA and Secretary_of_Hate and accused the U.S. government of medical terrorism, in reference to sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic. “That’s why he has a conscience so filled with guilt that resorts to such psychological projection”, Mousavi wrote in his tweet.

Iran claims U.S. sanctions are hindering its efforts to secure medical care for thousands of infected patients. The United States insists its sanctions do not apply to medical supplies and humanitarian aid.

Many countries have sent aid to Iran and President Donald trump has repeatedly offered to help, but Iran insists the sanctions must be lifted. On April 2, Trump said in a news conference that Iran has not directly asked the U.S. for anything.

Source » radiofarda