One of the Iranian regime’s newest methods to steal from the Iranian people is the “Public-Private Partnership Bill” , which was first introduced in the 2018 budget bill.

This bill would allow large unfinished construction projects, of which there were 86,000 worth 1,000,000 billion tomans as of November 2020, to be sent to the “private sector” for completion.

Trouble is that’s not enough money in the budget to cover these in the first place and the economic empire controlled by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) will be the ones to benefit from the scheme.

The state-run Mashreq News wrote: “The beneficiaries, by carefully designing the decision to choose the marketable plan, pricing, buyer selection, cash conditions, and instalments, are left to six people. The selection of these people is also a sign of corruption. The investigation shows that two employees of the Program and Budget Organization, who are relatives of some members of parliament, act as policymakers. They have designed the puzzles and sides of the public-private partnership bill to achieve their interests and goals.”

Some 80% of public assets have been moved into the private sector since 2005, most of which is in the hands of the IRGC. This has destroyed Iranian industries.

The Iranian Resistance wrote: “Two quadrillion million tomans, lost in the regime’s black hole of corruption, are equal to $77 billion, with the free-market exchange rate as of April 1, 2021. Meanwhile, Iranian workers’ salary is 3.5 million tomans or $135. In addition, this high amount of corruption shows the regime has sufficient economic resources to help impoverished Iranians. Contrary to what the mullahs’ apologists try to sell, sanctions are not the main reason for Iran’s economic crisis… The IRGC uses its financial empire to fund terrorism, construct ballistic missiles while Iranians are grappling with poverty. ”

Even regime officials are now admitting that corruption is the cause of the economic crisis.

Azar Mansouri, a member of the Advisory Board of former president Mohammad Khatami, told the ISNA news agency on March 27 that “systematic corruption [by the mullahs] is a serious obstacle to increasing national capital”.

The Resistance concluded: “The Public-Private Partnership Bill is another of the regime’s plans to plunder Iranians and destroy Iran’s economy… The aforementioned facts underline that doing business with the regime, or the so-called ‘private sector,’ will only help the regime fund its warmongering machine, or the money will be lost the regime’s black hole of corruption.”

Source » irannewsupdate