Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Iran, the Iranian regime as one of the most affected countries in the world is trying to hide the truth in Iran with lies and deception.

But this is nothing new in this regime as we saw it many times in the past as the real number of the killed people in the last November protests. What new is that is the endless lies of this regime while all the people in the social media shows Iran as the most critical country this regime is ignoring it completely, although it knows that this should have very serious consequences of its regime by the Iranian public and of course the international community.
Empty Beautiful Hospital Beds Looking for Coronavirus Infected Patients

This was one of the most disgusting comments by the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, which is clearly showing how irresponsible a person can be. The bitter truth is that in Iran, unfortunately, that person is the regime’s president.

If one – especially doctors, nurses and political scientists – does not know the reality of the coronavirus epidemic in Iran and follows Hassan Rouhani’s words, he or she would think that the world, with all its advances, technology, and prevention in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak, should all sit and learn from the regime’s enthusiasm in fighting with the virus and caring about the people’s lives. And how far is the world lagging behind the regime?

Thousands of empty and beautiful beds in Iranian hospitals are waiting for a coronavirus patient to visit them and at least see their cleanliness and lightning, and rest on them and have fun, and watch the Islamic Republic TV, especially Hassan Rouhani’s remarks at government meetings. And then be witness to thousands of thousands of cured people and of course the thousands of empty beds, and suddenly, look at the many empty beds around and question whether he or she is in the wrong place.

The famous novelist Jules Verne, who is sometimes called the “Father of Science Fiction”, if he was alive should come to Hassan Rouhani’s meeting and learn from him how to write a novel and have great fictions about something.

The reaction of the regime on the coronavirus outbreak was so disastrous that a faculty by an open letter wrote to Rouhani a warned the regime’s government about their irresponsibility.

Faculty’s letter title: Mr. Rouhani! The result of your and your consultants’ thoughts: 15 times more casualties than China.

In a statement issued on 31 March in the government’s meeting, Rouhani questioned the Chinese quarantine. It should be noted that quarantine is an anti-epidemic approach that has always been successful in any country and has been a constant recommendation of the World Health Organization.

In the examples of the statements of the leaders of the regime, we also saw that the Chinese quarantine was considered specific to a communist country! In his latest remarks, Rouhani also described the Chinese quarantine as “specific to that country.”

But the specialists warned Rouhani that he facing with ‘human’ and that ‘the 15-fold loss to China is the result of misconceptions about misguided advice’: “In the Chinese quarantine type, the casualties of the Corona epidemic in China were two and a half people per one million population, and in Iran so far there have been 38 deaths per one million population. That’s 15 times more than China. The counting unit is human! ‘Fifteen times more in the human unit is the result of misconceptions about misguided counseling.’ (Part of the Faculty’s letter)
Coronavirus Removal Area, the Center of Spreading the Virus in the World

On 29 March, Dr. Adham Ismail, the representative of the World Health Organization in Iraq, in an interview with Al-Iraqiya TV, revealed the unhumanitarian policy and the intention of Iran’s regime to promote the coronavirus in the world. Citing his job, expertise and mission he said: “If [Iranians] weren’t infected with the coronavirus no one would be infected in [the region].”

He added: “If [Iranians] weren’t infected by their negligence due to [the regime’s] relationship with China, elections, and not adopting health measures in commutes to Qom [the virus] spread to 17 other nations. Iran [‘s regime] was the reason for contaminating 17 countries. If not for Iran, we wouldn’t be in such a state.

“In Saudi, the virus entered from Iran. In Bahrain, [the virus] came from Iran. Therefore, given the negligence of Iran [‘s regime], the virus spread inside the country and abroad. In Iraq, we immediately sealed borders after Iran announced its first case. This speed made us different. I visited and talked with Iran’s delegation and asked, ‘Why didn’t you have a firm response?’ But they told me, “We are controlling the [situation].” I said, “How did you control while Lebanon announced that its patient zero entered from Iran?” I also remember that Oman issued the same announcement. I said, ‘They came from Tehran’s airport.’ This means there are violations in regulations of leaving Iran for other countries.”

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