Buss ChemTech

According to the official website, BUSS ChemTech is working in Iran through PTH Global from Malaysia and Mahna-Farayand from Iran

Status:Risk Alert – Entity in a problematic sector - Sector controlled by the Top Alert entities

Risk Level:unknown %

Buss ChemTech AG, a well established and EN ISO 9001-certified technology provider located in Pratteln, Switzerland, has a long history in the field of:

Gas-liquid reaction technology, using the famous BUSS LOOP reactor and specifically in Amination, Alkylation, Carbonylation, Chlorination, Ethoxylation, Hydrogenation, Nitrilation, Oxidation, Phosgenation in other words experience in over 800 reactions;

According to the official website, BUSS ChemTech is working in Iran through PTH Global and Mahna-Farayand from Iran;

Mahna-Farayand Company from Iran is partner with BUSS ChemTech. Fathollah Sadeghi is Mahna-Farayand Manager.

Despite U.S. sanctions on Iran Regime and despite regime using companies income to sponsor terrorist organizations and terrorist attacks around the world, BUSS ChemTech continues to work with Iran according to their official website.

BUSS ChemTech is also working in the Untied States, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Indonesia, China.

Negarandish Consulting Engineering mentioned BUSS ChemTech as their partner. Negarandish Consulting Company is Iranian entity and it is working with entities that are sanctioned by the United States Treasury Department.

Also Known As:
Buss ChemTech AG


Hohenrainstrasse 12A CH-4133 Pratteln Switzerland

+41 61 825 64 62



Reason for the color:
» Despite U.S. sanctions BUSS ChemTech from Switzerland works in Iran;