On April 8, the National Council of Resistance of Iran– U.S. Representative Office (NCRI-US) held a press conference addressing a detailed report about the coronavirus pandemic in Iran. Organizers also introduced a book titled How Iran’s Duplicitous Diplomacy, Callous Policies Cost Lives, which explained the Iranian government’s domestic and foreign policy in response to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Notably, the NCRI enjoys a reliable background in providing accurate information from inside Iran. For instance, since 1986, the NCRI exposed the ayatollahs’ efforts to obtain nuclear weapons for the first time. Additionally, this council, which is counted as a political coverage for Iranian freedom-loving forces, revealed the Iranian government’s covert facilities in Natanz and Arak according to the domestic network of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI). In 2005, this coalition unveiled the names and specifications of 32,000 Iran’s agents in the Iraqi government and military hierarchy.

The NCRI was also the first movement that announced 1,500 protesters were killed by Iran’s state security forces during the November 2019 protests. Later, the U.S. administration and Reuters confirmed this stat in separate findings. The greatest coalition of Iranian opposition groups also provided reliable content about the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Iran.

In its last statement, the NCRI announced that “As of Tuesday, April 8, 2020, the Coronavirus death toll in 245 cities in Iran is over 22,000.”

“The number of victims who have lost their lives in Alborz is 800, Isfahan 1,720, Tehran 2,900, North Khorasan 240, Khuzestan 940, Zanjan 390, Fars 420, Qazvin 350, Qom 2,200, Golestan 880, Gilan 2,000, Mazandaran 1,720, Yazd 370,” the statement added.

The NCRI revealed the Iranian government’s purposes through contradictory policies inside the country and abroad, in its new book. It also shed light on the ayatollahs’ secrecy about the emergence of the COVID-19 in Iran. “Despite knowing about the outbreak and spread of the virus in Iran, [the government] ignored warnings and deliberately misled the public to prevent the virus from impacting its orchestrated February 11 anniversary festivities and the February 21st sham parliamentary elections,” according to the book’s summary.

The Iranian opposition also highlighted the ayatollahs’ intentions for political exploitation of the coronavirus outbreak: “To advance its objective, the regime claims that international sanctions are the root cause of Iran’s lack of medical resources and equipment, as well as treatment options and pharmaceuticals. These claims, intended to create cracks in the wall of sanctions, are demonstrably false.”

The NCRI-US also rejected the Iranian government’s excuses, following as:

“First, the problem is not a lack of money or resources. Hundreds of billions of dollars of the Iranian people’s national wealth are under the control of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Even a small percentage of this wealth, if spent on fighting the coronavirus pandemic, could address all of the logistical, resourcing, and healthcare requirements.

“Second, the necessary medical equipment and supplies have been hoarded and stored in warehouses by regime-related entities, in order to sell them at radically inflated costs to desperate consumers.

“Third, no individual, official or government in the world has imposed sanctions on medical treatment, medical equipment or any related product. On the contrary, the World Health Organization has officially announced that it is prepared to help Iran with any such requirements. U.S. officials have also repeatedly declared that not only are there no sanctions in these areas but that they also stand ready to provide support.

“And finally, Iranian regime officials, including its president, Hassan Rouhani, have stated on the record that the regime has no deficiencies when it comes to healthcare. Officials even boast about exporting or donating medical products to other countries.”

In the end, the Iranian resistance coalition called the international community to deliver their humanitarian aids to the World Health Organization (WHO) to distribute them directly to medical centers and hospitals in Iran.

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