The IRGC said in a statement the attacks came in response to numerous crimes committed by the Israeli regime, namely its attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus which left seven Iranian military advisors killed.

Referring to the “silence and negligence of international organizations, particularly the United Nations Security Council, in condemning the Israeli regime’s act of aggression and crime,” the IRGC added “in response to these crimes and in order to carry out earlier warnings and fulfill Iran’s rightful demand, and in order to punish the aggressor, IRGC devotees utilizing their strategic intelligence, missile and drone capabilities attacked key military targets of the terrorist Zionist army in the occupied territories, successfully struck them and destroyed them.”

It also warned the US government against “any support for, and contribution to efforts to deal a blow to Iranian interests,” adding any such action will incur a firm response by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces.

While highlighting Iran’s good-neighbor policy vis-à-vis neighboring and regional countries, the IRGC reiterated that “any threats by the terrorist US government and the Israeli regime made from whatever country will prompt a reciprocal and proportionate response from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the origin of the threat.”

Source » ifpnews