In the wake of the IRGC drone and missile attack on Israel, Iranian authorities summoned a group of social media users who voiced dissent against it.

Additionally, some of these users received intimidating phone calls from security agents.

Simultaneously, the Islamic Republic tightened its grip on media and social networks, reinforcing the security apparatus governing these platforms.

The IRGC issued warnings to those supporting Israel on social media, urging citizens to report any such activity.

A lawyer, speaking to Iranwire, confirmed that several summoned social media users faced charges of ‘disrupting public order and propaganda against the Islamic Republic.’

Recently, the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office announced criminal charges against journalists Hossein Dehbashi, Abbas Abdi, and Yashar Soltani, accusing them of ‘disrupting the psychological security of society.’

Earlier, Iranian judicial authorities had charged the newspapers Jehan Sanat and Etemad.

Source » iranwire