Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei continued to threaten Israel on Sunday, following his regime’s failed missile and drone attack on Israel the preceding night.

The Iranian leader published a threatening message written in Hebrew, accompanied by a video showing missile interceptions over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

“Holy al-Quds will be in the hands of the Muslims, and the Muslim world will celebrate the liberation of Palestine,” he wrote.

“Al-Quds” is the Arabic name for Jerusalem and the namesake of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) elite foreign arm, the Quds Force.

The regime claimed its attack on Israel was a response to the alleged Israeli airstrike that killed seven IRGC officers, among them a senior general in the Quds Force.

Footage showing the Israeli aerial defense system shooting down missiles in the skies of Jerusalem provoked a great number of reactions on Sunday.

Lebanese newspaper affiliated with Hezbollah Al-Akhbar posted a screenshot from the video on Monday, with the headline: “Israel without immunity,” implying that Iran’s rocket and drone launch was proof that Israel is vulnerable.

Israeli spokesman to the Arab world, Ofir Gendelman, wrote on 𝕏: “Iran launched ballistic missiles at the holy places of Islam in Jerusalem, but Israel intercepted them and saved Al-Aqsa Mosque from destruction at the hands of the Iranian terrorist regime.”

Iran claims to have targeted Israeli military installations during its attack, especially the Nevatim Airbase in Israel’s south. The IDF confirmed the base was directly hit but only suffered minor damage.

Jewish community representative in the Iranian parliament, Dr. Homayoun Sameh, also claimed that not all of the more than 300 projectiles were intended to hit their target while praising the attack, Israel’s KAN news outlet reported Monday.

“Our goal was not to hit with all the missiles. First, we created confusion with the UAVs and then we hit the desired positions,” he said.

The Jewish community in Iran is under immense pressure from the government to support its actions and policies.

Source » allisrael