Iran has shuttered hundreds of businesses as part of its renewed crackdown on women who are caught not wearing the hijab, Iranian media reported on Sunday.

The shuttered businesses included 137 shops and 18 restaurants, according to Iranian state news agency IRNA. Hundreds of other businesses have been shuttered as well in recent weeks.

After nationwide protests broke out after Mahsa Amini was murdered by “Morality Police” in Tehran last September due to allegedly incorrectly wearing the hijab, Iranian officials announced that they were amending how they enforce hijab regulations.

The changes included using cameras and other technologies to spot women not wearing the hijab and then sending them text messages warning them about the violation. After the first warning, women spotted again not wearing the hair covering will be summoned for a hearing.

Women who are seen not wearing hijab in their vehicles after receiving a warning will have their vehicles impounded.

Iranian police spokesperson Saeed Montazeral-Mahdi told IRNA on Sunday that within 24 hours of when the plan was implemented, several hundred cases of women not wearing hijab in cars were recorded by police and the owners of the vehicles were warned via SMS. About 84% of those who received warnings complied, according to the spokesperson.

Additionally, 3,500 text messages were sent to businesses warning them to comply with hijab rules, with 532 businesses pledging to enforce them.

Earlier this month, Iran’s Science Ministry announced that any students caught not following hijab rules will lose access to educational and welfare services.

The Iranian Interior Ministry stressed earlier this month that “There has not been and will not be any retreat or tolerance in religious principles and rules and traditional values, and hijab as an unquestionable Sharia necessity will always be one of the practical principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Poisonings continue to hit girls schools across Iran

The renewed crackdown on hijab regulations also comes as poisonings continue to be reported in girls schools across Iran.

The poisonings were first reported in late November, with the pace of reports rising in recent months. At least four such poisonings were reported on Monday alone, according to the 1500tasvir account, which monitors anti-government protests in Iran.

Iranian officials have varied in their responses to the poisonings, with some claiming the symptoms being reported are largely caused by stress and others stating that the incidents seem to be intentional and that security forces are investigating.

In March, Iranian officials stated that the poisonings were being investigated, with some officials calling the incidents “subversive operations” and “intimidations.”

According to the 1500tasvir account, some students have seen plainclothes security agents outside the schools right before the poisonings.

Some reported eyewitness accounts have claimed that a small explosion was heard at some of the schools followed by a strong smell and then the symptoms of poisoning began.

The 1500tasvir reported on Sunday that some samples from students affected by the poisonings were sent successfully out of Iran to “relevant experts,” adding that “We hope that the samples will be useful and the results of the tests will be known as soon as possible.”

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