General Ali Kouhestani, the head of the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the IRGC Ground Force, announced on Saturday during an interview with Tasnim news agency that there is a development of a powerful anti-tank guided missile called the Sadid-365.

With a range of 8 km, the missile is capable of obliterating any armored equipment that it targets, according to Mehr news.

“This optically guided missile is highly accurate in hitting the target and with the ability to attack from above, it can also pass through the active defense systems and destroy them,” Kouhestani said.

The Sadid-365 missile’s top attack mode has been revealed to be an innovative method that enables the missile to climb rapidly after launnch and travel at a specific altitude before diving onto the intended target.

This ballistic path is different from conventional methods and has proven to be more effective. The top armor of tanks is typically their weakest part, making it easier for the missile to penetrate and destroy them.

More military developments

Kouhestani announced last week that the IRGC has developed a new suicide drone named Meraj 532.

This drone has a range of 450 km and will be utilized by the ground forces.

Notably, Iran has faced recent allegations of providing drones to Russia for use in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, which it denies. As a result, various Western countries, including the US, Australia and the European Union have imposed new sanctions on Iran.

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