Iran executed sports coach

The Iranian regime’s criminal judiciary hanged Bahman Varmazyar, a sports coach, in the central prison of Hamadan on Wednesday morning April 18. There was no private plaintiff in his dossier who was accused of armed robbery of a jewelry store.

Following the efforts of Bahman’s family to save their son from execution, the mullahs’ regime falsely reported on Tuesday that his death sentence had been stopped, but he was executed on Wednesday early morning.

Thousands of prisoners across the country are on death row. A Baluch prisoner named Abdul Malek Baluchi, at the central prison of Zahedan, was transferred to the solitary confinement on April 13 after serving six and a half years imprisonment, and is on the verge of execution.

The mullahs’ regime is executing the youth of the country under the excuse of theft and smuggling at a time that Khamenei and other ruling mullahs from various factions and the IRGC and other government organs are the biggest thieves in Iran’s history that have plundered hundreds of billions of dollars of Iranian people’s property.

The purpose of these criminal executions is to intensify the atmosphere of intimidation and confrontation with the rising people who demand the overthrow of religious fascism ruling Iran.

Iranian Resistance calls on the people, especially the youth, to show solidarity with the families of prisoners and the executed, and calls upon the international community for urgent action to condemn this crime and to condition any interaction with the religious tyranny on the improvement of human rights and ending torture and executions in Iran.

Source » ncr-iran

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