The commander of the Iranian Air Force, Brigadier General Yousef Qorbani, revealed that his forces have the largest fleet of helicopters in the Middle East region.

According to statements carried by the state-owned Fars News Agency, Qorbani said: “Today we have the largest helicopter fleet in the Middle East,” noting that “our helicopter command training center has no parallel in the region, and we are able to defend the achievements of the revolution.”

The commander of the Iranian Air Force confirmed that the manufacture of spare parts is now taking place at home, indicating that his forces are carrying out basic maintenance operations for these helicopters, stressing that the renaissance of spare parts manufacturing in army aviation and the ground force is one of the basic strategies.

Regarding the development during the current year in the Iranian Air Force , he said: “We will move forward during the current year in the field of armament systems with an increase of no less than 50%, and we will work in this manner also in the field of making spare parts.”

Qorbani revealed that “750 types of spare parts were manufactured, amounting to 800,000 parts, which are used in helicopters,” stressing that “great steps will be taken in the path of achieving the goals of the army’s aviation.”

Regarding the Iranian Air Force’s roles in serving the country away from combat missions, Qorbani explained that they are ready to support the upcoming presidential elections in Iran, “as in the past, by moving the ballot boxes to rugged and remote areas.”

Source » almasdarnews